Our Staff

CCMH is an Equal Opportunity Employer

As appointed by the CCMH Board of Directors, the Executive Director oversees
agency operations with the help of Department Directors.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Alex Tardif
Alex Tardif


Jerimy Kelley

Vice President

Cody Feakin


Tony Fleming


Dr Emma Brooks
Dr. Emma Brooks

Board Member

Allison Anderson

Board Member

Kellie Jo Smith

Board Member

Executive Administration

Todd Jacobson

Executive Director

Miriam Parker
Miriam Parker

Director of Clinical Operations

Ben Weaver
Ben Weaver

Director of Intensive Clinical Operations

Rebecca Jenkins

Director of Youth and Family Department

Betty Bundy

Director of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Department and Applied Behavior Analysis Program

Angela Listy

Director of Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Jen Reffel

Medical Director

John Sherlock
John Sherlock

Director of Information Services

Brianna Boice

Compliance Officer

Erika McCartney

Director of Human Resources

K. Shayne Arndt

Addiction Services Clinical Director

Sumuer Watkins

Director of Finance

Pera Phanichayakarn

Director of Integrated Community Support Specialties

Administrative Support

Heather Peterson

Executive Assistant

Samantha Cernac

Admissions Supervisor

Chris Dupuis

Pathways Administrator

Nikki Whittaker
Nikki Whittaker

Alternatives Administrator

Cari Gardner

Cornerstone Administrator

Mathew Remsburg

Construction Supervisor

Shane Welliver

Maintenance Supervisor

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Columbia Community Mental Health is a
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This moment right now might be difficult, but there’s a lifetime of better moments to
look forward to. It takes courage to ask for help – and sometimes the
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