Staff Directory

Columbia Community Mental Health

Telephone Directory
Creekside Main Office
Mailing Address: PO Box 1234 Saint Helens OR 97051
Physical Address: 58646 McNulty Way, Saint. Helens, OR 97051
General Inquiries: Contact Form
Main Office: 397-5211 Toll Free: 800-294-5211
Non Confidential Fax 503-438-2196
Confidential Medical Records Fax: 503-397-5373

Compliance Hotline 242 503-438-2242
Todd Jacobson 201 Executive Director
Heather Peterson 231 Executive Assistant
Sumuer Watkins 222 Director of Finance
Judi Mier 208 Assistant Director of Finance
Deanna Martin 139 Finance Assistant-Accounts Payable
Lanae Moody 123 Finance Assistant-Accounts Payable
Kendall Nelson 168 Credentialing Specialist
Brandi Whalen 122 Contract Management Specialist
Erika McCartney 217 Human Resource Director
Micah Garrett 228 Payroll and Benefits Admin
Hannah Tupper 325 Human Resource Recruiter
Brianna Boice 150 Compliance Officer
Jessica McGlothlin 230 Senior Compliance Specialist
Violette Neal 1009 Compliance Specialist
Trisa Tyler 166 Medical Records
John Sherlock 102 Director of Information Services
Justin Brandt 146 Sr. Information Services Technician
Steven Rethati 378 Information Services Technician
Angela Killens 137 Business Information Supervisor
Amanda Bailey 120 Business Information Services Technician
Ronald Mrochko 388 EHR Systems Specialist
Samantha Cernac 218 Admissions Supervisor
Ashley Murray 225 Client Admissions Specialist
Angela Fender 324 Client Admissions Specialist
Tiffany Gaw 252 Client Admissions Specialist
Aspen Moore 224 Client Admissions Specialist
Hannah Galey 341 Client Admissions Specialist
Halea Novak 245 Billing Supervisor
Debra Gross 323 Client Financial Specialist
Racheal Wolvert 106 Client Financial Specialist
Tiki Chaney 286 Client Financial Specialist
Tionte Woods-Stephenson 233 Client Financial Specialist
Miriam Parker 250 Director of Clinical Operations

Jen Reffel Medical Director
Alexandria Cook Nurse Practitioner
Carolyn Morris Nurse Practitioner
Randall Ward 107 Medical Services Coordinator-RN
Amanda Hodge 289 Medical Assistant Lead
Brenda Riggs 175 Medical Assistant
Angela Martinez 358 Medical Assistant
Brittany Tripp 260 Medical Assistant
Connie Hilbmann 109 Medical Assistant

159 Pharmacist

Tasha Miniszewski 177 Clinical Director
Tiffany Geisbers 130 Program Supervisor
Robyn Urbach 226 Mental Health Counselor II
Len Wynne 354 Mental Health Counselor I
Lindsey Bailey 206 Clinical Supervisor
Denise Babawale 229 Mental Health Counselor II
Emily Ruiz-Romero 129 Mental Health Counselor II
Kathryn Lipar 345 Mental Health Counselor II
Shaun Vallery 344 Mental Health Counselor II
Tami Lybeck-Garner 273 Mental Health Counselor II
Allisa Stopa 210 Clinical Supervisor
Jeanne May 116 Mental Health Counselor III
Madeline Smith 309 Mental Health Counselor III
Rose Johnson 192 Mental Health Counselor II
Talisha Sowvlen 165 Care Coordinator
Madeline Smith 309 Mental Health Counselor III
Rose Johnson 192 Mental Health Counselor II
Talisha Sowvlen 165 Care Coordinator
Michael Schwarting 336 Clinical Supervisor-CCT
Abigail Laney 193 Mental Health Counselor II
Laura Birchard 185 Mental Health Counselor II
Rob McQueen-Jensen 148 Mental Health Counselor I
Shellie Henderson 114 Mental Health Counselor I
Kim Rosen 157 Mental Health Counselor I
Lindsay Cable 112 Clinical Supervisor
Khori Elder 270 Mental Health Counselor I
Ronelle Landreth 244 Mental Health Counselor I
Jill Little 243 Clinical Supervisor
Brianna Garcia 376 Mental Health Counselor I
Regina Halverson 334 Mental Health Counselor I
Heather Swanson 375 Mental Health Counselor I
Bradley Viles 255 Mental Health Counselor I

FAX 503-438-2194

Ben Weaver 211 Director of Intensive Clinical Operations
Molly Rogers 379 Clinical Director
Nicole Whittaker 149 Program Coordinator
Sally Pufall 264 Clinical Supervisor
Candy Applebee 142 Mental Health Counselor II
Susan Laughlin 240 Mental Health Counselor II
Cody LaCamp 268 Mental Health Counselor II
Melinda Tyler 160 Mental Health Counselor I
Rebecca Shaw 261 Peer Support Speciliast-Together We House
Jen King 104 Wellness Services Lead
Dezaray Vandehey 213 Supported Employment Lead
Candace Shaw 238 Supported Employment Specialist
Pera Phanichayakarn 127 Clinical Supervisor-ACT
Linda Santos-Martinez 221 Mental Health Counselor I ACT
Carrie Bailey 132 Mental Health Counselor I ACT
Juli Templeton 334 Registered Nurse-ACT

Main line to reach extensions: 503-397-5211

Jenelle Harrison 174 Program Supervisor
Karen Smart 186 Program Coordinator
Candi Balabon 290 Peer Support Supervisor
Ashley Matsumoto 209 Peer Support Specialist
Adam Wilburn 390 Peer Support Specialist
John Tompkins 198 Peer Support Specialist
Mary Barvoets 167 Mental Health Counselor II-Jail Diversion
Brianne Mares 119 Mental Health Counselor I-Jail Diversion
Mark Gunderson 118 Mental Health Counselor I-Jail Diversion

Main line to reach extensions: 503-397-5211
Fax 503-397-7879

Rebecca Jenkins 199 Clinical Director
Jessica Sanders 171 Program Supervisor
Destinie Davis 134 Clinical Supervisor
Barbara Buss 101 Peer Support Specialist
Chris Larson 103 Program Supervisor
Tasha Sharp 128 Wraparound Services Trainer
Miranda Patrick 367 Care Coordinator
Charlotte Finley Randall 172 Care Coordinator
Christina Coffman 144 Clinical Supervisor
Daniel Jewell 284 Mental Health Counselor II
Katelyn Hershberger 296 Mental Health Counselor II
Matthew Kidder 297 Mental Health Counselor II
Ashlee Macias 337 Mental Health Counselor I
Jennifer Holter 197 Mental Health Counselor I
Amanda Stensgaard 278 Mental Health Counselor II
Sarah Campsey 136 Mental Health Counselor II
Eva Mollinedo 158 Mental Health Counselor III
Jacqueline Harris 143 Mental Health Counselor II
Ashley Di Meo 267 Mental Health Counselor II
Mallori Langford 288 Mental Health Counselor I
Danie Laycock 394 Mental Health Counselor I
Jackie Richland 105 Care Coordinator
Gina Luey 393 Peer Support Specialist


Main line to reach extensions: 503-397-5211

Blaine Anderson 292 Mobile Crisis Supervisor
Don Low 124 Mental Health Counselor II
Karen Fortlander 127 Mental Health Counselor II
Katherine Pretzer-Krebs 173 Mental Health Counselor II
Mary Barvoets 167 Mental Health Counselor II

Lana Wilkes 161 Supported Housing Manager

Hope and Healing Begin Today

Columbia Community Mental Health is a
non-profit agency dedicated to excellence in behavioral healthcare.

This moment right now might be difficult, but there’s a lifetime of better moments to
look forward to. It takes courage to ask for help – and sometimes the
problem isn’t always clear.