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Coronavirus Message

COVID-19 Information The staff at Columbia Community Mental Health want to assure you that we are paying close attention to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. We remain open for business and providing almost all of our usual services, with some changes in place to make sure we are providing a safe ...

The “Solution” to Homelessness

According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the brain immediately determines how trustworthy a face is before it's fully perceived, which supports the fact that we make quick judgments about people. It's not just a human thing; it's an instinct thing. Are you safe? Will you put ...

Where Does The Money Go?

As a mother with grown children, I have watched as each of my kids have either gone to college or trade school, begun families and started the never-ending struggle of learning to make ends meet in a new career field. It can be tough. If you work a couple of part ...

Calm Down: Taming Anxiety through SPARK

CALM DOWN: Taming anxiety through SPARK Columbia Pacific CCO is collaborating with Columbia Community Mental Health to help you learn how to tame anxiety, stress and insomnia through an innovative new program, called SPARK. The new program, located at the Revitalize Wellness Center in Scappoose, meets once weekly for 10 weeks, for ...

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