Calm Down: Taming Anxiety through SPARK

CALM DOWN: Taming anxiety through SPARK

Columbia Pacific CCO is collaborating with Columbia Community Mental Health to help you learn how to tame anxiety, stress and insomnia through an innovative new program, called SPARK.
The new program, located at the Revitalize Wellness Center in Scappoose, meets once weekly for 10 weeks, for three hour sessions. The program equips members with a wide variety of coping strategies, including skills for reducing stress, anxiety, disordered sleep and other concerns. The program uses evidence-based, whole-person strategies for measureable improvements in health, including nutrition, exercise, recreation, sleep and environment. Each session is held in a warm, welcoming environment.
St.Helens resident Debra Morgan just finished the series and said that the classes changed her life.

“Before I found this program, I had been awake for 68 hours straight,” Morgan said. “I’ve had insomnia, anxiety and depression in the past, but this was the worst it had ever been. My doctor had given up on me and no one seemed to be able to help. I was unable to function, but this program has given me hope.”
Morgan said each week, the group learns new information, strategies and tactics to use to reduce stress and anxiety level, including mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises.
“Thanks to this program, I’m sleeping every night now,” Morgan said. “ When I told my doctor about my progress she was so excited that she hugged me.”

Revitalize Wellness Center is now recruiting for the next series of sessions, which begins Aug. 1. The SPARK program is free for Columbia Pacific CCO members. To join an upcoming series, you will need a referral from your primary care provider. To learn more about the program, please call the Revitalize Wellness Center at 503-396-4807 or visit
The SPARK program will expand to wellness centers in Clatsop and Tillamook counties over the next few months as well. More information will be announced.

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