Higher Ground – Adolescent Day Treatment Program

The Adolescent Day Treatment program, also known as Higher Ground, began in 2000. This program has been highly successful in reducing drug and alcohol risks to adolescents. Programs such as this allow teens coping with addiction and addiction recovery complete a high school education. Without programs like this, many teens would not be able to finish school or GED equivalency, and move on to peruse goals in their life. This program addresses adolescent behavioral issues which may hinder a cohesive family environment. Through this program we produce a huge positive influence on teens allowing them to turn serious alcohol and drug problems around, so they may gain positive employment and future opportunities. These are some of the reasons this group has had such a huge success within our agency.

The Higher Ground program is a highly unique and successful group. It allows Teens to remain within their schools avoiding potentially traumatic consequences by keeping the teens in school while they can resolve their alcohol or drug abuse problems. Higher Ground a one of a kind program, that utilizes the proctor homes with the day treatment, because of that we have an astounding high success rate.

The Higher Ground Program is an all inclusive program that works with many sources to provide weekly progress and an ever adjusting source of treatment.

The influences and interactions in Higher Ground come from but are not limited to these groups:

  • Peer Involvement
  • Wrap Around Services
  • On location Treatment Councilors
  • Juvenile Departmental Interactions
  • Proctor Parent Involvement
  • Parental Involvement
  • Local School Involvement